Is it really a good option to choose SSD over HDD? SSD disadvantage

What is an SSD drive?

An SSD drive is an array of Solid State Disks arranged in a single circuit to form a very compact and lightweight portable storage medium...

An SSD is essentially a non-volatile flash drive that uses sophisticated integrated circuit boards to store data persistently in a cache of memory chips, typically using non-volatile flash memory.

The SSD technology has now reached its full potential and several different technologies have emerged on the market. In most laptops, you find an SSD drive.

The most advanced SSD technology available today is the 2D architecture which combines traditional desktop hard drives with SSDs for improved overall performance and power savings.

The increased reliability provided by SSD technology, particularly when dealing with live applications such as gaming, enables SSD owners to enjoy an increase in day-to-day computing speed and responsiveness.

Advantage & Disadvantage of SSD over HDD

Advantage of SSD over HDD

As well as benefiting from the benefits offered by the SSD cache, the SSDs also benefit from the increased random access performance of modern PCs.

  1. High Performance and Boot up:- SSD is approx 10x faster than an HDD drive. Computing speed is primarily determined by two factors — the time it takes for the computer to boot up, and the time it takes for applications to load onto the PC. Both of these are improved when SSD hardware is integrated into laptops.
  2. Very less Power Consumption:- The resulting increase in speed of SSD laptops results in less power used. SSD does not have any moving parts results in the consumption of less power.
  3. Efficiency and reliability:- SSD drive uses flash memory to store data due to this it is considered more reliable and efficient as compared with HDD.
  4. Very Silent:- Due to the absence of any moving part it does not make any noise. It operates very silently and does not make any spinning sound like HDD.

The disadvantage of SSD over HDD

  1. Price:- One of the biggest disadvantages is its cost. SSD cost per GB is considered very high as compared to HDD. You have to spend more money on the same storage in the case of SSD.
  2. Recovery of Lost Data:- This is also one of the biggest disadvantages of SSD. There is no option available to recover the lost data because it get permanently and completely deleted from the drive.
  3. The lifespan of SSD:- Some of the SSD drives use NAND flash memory technology which has written limitations and can be written for a limited time. DRAM technology SSD has not such limitation but costs more. Be sure before buying SSD whether it based on NAND or DRAM flash memory.
  4. Write speed:- SSD can access data very fastly but it needs time to save data. For saving data the device have to delete the old one first then it saves on the old file place.

It is a good choice to move to SSD over HDD keeping the above things in mind. SSD makes your system performance extremely superb but costs more.

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